Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm going on a murderous rampage

The voles are still getting the best of me.  I've tried the castor oil repellant, and also have peanut butter & oatmeal baited traps set at four tunnel entrances.  It was just plain sarcasm on the vole's behalf for me to come home yesterday and find it had circumvented one of the traps and popped up a new hole about two inches from it, next to a bee balm, and ate over half the plant.  I've introduced Brian to the tunnels ("Look Brian!  Look!  Who's in there?  Who's in there?  Git it!") and let him dig as much as he wants to destroy them and hopefully help repel the voles with his scent.  He has great fun at it, plus it's highly amusing to watch him.  He throws dirt everywhere and looks so proud and satisfied when he's done.  I told Other Half that I wasted money buying a tiller when I could've used Brian, instead.  For a little guy, he sure can plow up some ground.

Anyone have ideas on how to help rid my place of these destructive nuisances?

Can't you just see the contempt & sarcasm on his hairy little face?
(This is a photo I stole from Google image.  Had I taken the photo, it would've had slightly more blood and guts on it at this point.)

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