Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The defiant cabinet

I've decided I'm not meant to finish this bathroom.  As in ever.  Each time I start on something, a problem arises.

Saturday I was feeling inspired and in a painting mood so I wanted to try the new primer I bought.  Being the Behr fan I am, in lieu of Kilz I bought their "Interior Enamel Undercoater Primer & Sealer No. 75."  It sounded impressive.  The can states:

"For use on all new and previously painted interior surfaces. Ideal over oil or water-based coatings, heavy stains and glossy surfaces. Provides maximum stain resistance by locking in stains. Creates a uniform finish with improved hiding, adhesion, flow and leveling. This 100% styrene acrylic latex primer is mildew-resistant and backed by a lifetime guarantee."

Perfect!  Exactly what I wanted!  I couldn't wait to get started to see if it would cover the yellowing.  Thus far, I've only done the cutting in, but it's just as white today as it was Saturday upon application.

The other Saturday incident is what prevented me from doing more than the cut-in.

There was (notice was) a wooden cabinet over the toilet.  Cute, little two door homemade wooden cabinet.  It isn't deep enough to hold linens but would do for other items not suitable for a medicine cabinet.  I didn't want to take it down and figured I'd paint the walls around it, and paint it white later.  Once I started cutting around the cabinet with the primer, it left a brush-stroke-like texture I despise seeing under an otherwise good roller job.  It seemed logical enough:  take down the cabinet, paint the walls, paint the cabinet while it's down, and rehang the cabinet when all is dry.  I got it loose from the wall and quickly realized that was a huge mistake.  Huge.  It was much heavier than anticipated, then only slightly dislodged from the wall and got stuck.  It had originally been built in-place in the 26" wide recessed toilet area and with the house settling, I couldn't get it out.  I could spin it downwards from top (tilt the top towards me) or upwards from the bottom (tilt the bottom towards me) but it's like there was an invisible spindle holding it tightly about 9" out from the wall at a highly unstable angle.  I couldn't even slide/push/force it back into place.  Praying that the laws of physics were on my side and it wouldn't fall and smash the toilet, I left it suspended while I reached for the hammer.  I knocked off the doors and side moulding but it made little difference.  I thought, "Congratulations.  Now it's partially disassembled and only 1" closer to being removed."  I finally got it out after having a temper tantrum since that's the only way I had enough strength to wrestle it.  I was so sweaty and out of breath and disgusted, I walked away and didn't even look at it again until the next day.  The sheetrock was torn all to Hell on both sides and had to be mudded in probably ten places where the wood corners scraped so badly.  The back wall, where the cabinet hung, had old, caked-on paint that traced the cabinet outline, so that had to be sanded and patched, and some of the corner paper joint had pulled loose over time and had to be re-mudded.  There is no way I'm going to modify the cabinet to put it back, since it has little practical use.  I think I'll find some vintage shelving to use for stacking linens, and find another use for the cabinet.

I'm going to give the whole priming job another try when I get off work today, and see what other minor catastrophe I can create.
Accidental smiley face created by trying paint samples above a drywall patch.  You can see the nice, white primer on the inside corner.

Ridiculously narrow toilet area.

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