Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toad farm

I don't think I've ever seen so many toads on one piece of land.

It's not unusual (I swear I can never say that without thinking of Tom Jones) to see several at a time, just hanging out around the shed and carport.  There's a pond at the back of the property and lots of greenery and wooded area so I'm sure the toads have plenty of food and decided they'll just move in and stay a while.  Fine with me, although it's unnerving every time I pull into the driveway at night or else start to back up in the 'Splorer.  I always perform a toad check so I don't squish one.

There's this one I've labeled The Watchtoad.  He's (although I haven't performed a gender check) my workshop sentry.  He's a little smaller and browner than the rest, and is always near the door no matter day nor night.  Sometimes, he's perched on a small piece of concrete at the jamb and he doesn't seem afraid.  I shoo him away from the hinge side so I don't accidentally mush him.  Yesterday, he and two of his buddies were in the shed.  He was on a piece of wood and didn't move for over two hours and his friends were hanging out on the cool, damp concrete floor.  I laughed to Other Half when he came over and told him I had a Three Toad Shed.  Here's my buddy.  If you look closely, I think he's smiling.

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