Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missing door mystery

There are several doors missing throughout the interior of the home.  It's not like they recently disappeared because there's a layer or two of paint where the hinges and strikeplate used to be.  The only one that makes sense is at the kitchen, as there were cabinets added at the entry point off the living room, so there would be no way to open the door.  The back bedroom is missing one of two, and I plan on finding a replacement.  But, the ones that bugged me the most were the double doors that should've been between the living and dining room.  I could envision a set of 15-lite ones, gracefully marking the dividing line.  I wondered if maybe they were split up and used for the utility room; one off the back bedroom and one off the sunroom but I saw no evidence of where a headbolt and footbolt would've been on either of them.  I scoured for weeks my trusty companion in remodeling, craigslist, and found the perfect replacement doors, even with beveled glass.  It was a pleasant surprise that the hardware was included, and I recently stumbled upon that the sets may be from between 1860-1905 by the Corbin Company and are the Ceylon design.  The doors were 1.5" narrower than I needed but for the price and their beauty, a build-in was no problem.  I made the adjustments to the door opening and hung the doors and they look great!  All I have left to do is strip some of the outer trim pieces on the moulding before I put them back up, fill in the gaps at the floor moulding, and paint everything.  The living and dining areas are starting look whole (and original) again.



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