Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let there be light!

This is the beautiful stained glass pendant light discovered at a local ReStore several months ago, just after I bought the house.  I wasn't sure at the time where it would go, but I refused to leave it at the store when it was $15.  After deciding on the living room, there was a modification to be made.  The downrod was a bit too long, which is the main reason why it took such a long time to decide its permanent home.  I had shopped online for rods threaded at each end, but hesitated to buy one for fear the threads wouldn't work, the rod would still be too long, etc.  Plus, with shipping, it would be about $20.  One day I got the idea to go to Goodwill and look for a clear base ginger jar lamp of just the right size.  They have a rod through the inside, to hide the wiring.  The Goodwill right up the road had exactly what I needed for $6, but with the rod being brass it would have to be painted.  The pendant light has an odd, brown patina that I thought would be hard to match, but the new downrod wouldn't be terribly visible.  Funny enough, when I was looking at the spray paint selection, brown car primer was the exact same color as the light fixture and was $5.  A little sanding, two coats of paint, and a re-worked downrod later, for $26 I have one heck of a beautiful living room light.  Nice thing, too, is that it's glass when so many new ones are plastic.  And it's very heavy so I had to make sure the ceiling box was adequately supported.  This was obviously originally an expensive light.  It gives off a gorgeous, warm glow when turned on but I just can't get the right picture to show it illuminated.  For now, all you can see around the fixture is plaster repair from ceiling cracks and soot smears around where the old light used to be.  Maybe soon, that will all change.

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